CDCheck Help
Help version 1.2    Author: Mitja Perko Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Click here to view the online help
Version history

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed (I hope)

------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
* new better default buffer settings
* languages added / improved
* when entering registration code spaces are ignored
* when using /gcompare reference directory can also be specified
+ wav handling string appended (not yet supported when checking)
- fixed a small bug in hash error reporting
- saved items history now accepts zero (no history)
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
* Recovery process can now be terminated or paused between retries of reading a sector
* ';' character now valid as comment character for .md5 files
* disc label not showing problem fixed on DVR-A08 and maybe some other devices when using CDCheck eject/load function
* faster display of CDInfo
* small fix in ISO compliance
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
* sfv file detection improved - now either "Generated by WIN-SFV" must be present as comment or 
  first non-comment line has the following format "FN 8digit_hexvalue"
+ a parameter added to save report from commandline
- fixes custom hash file suggestion when pressing down key
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
- fixes CD/DVD Info functionality on some DVD drives (empty information window)
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
- removes reporting of "error;win32;The request is not supported." (otherwise part of normal operation), 
  message was reported on CD/DVD devices connected via USB
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
+ Adds additional compare options to command line parameters
- fixes error messages when determining media type for speed display (introduced in
+ adds Compare option to command line parameters
* reports speed 1x,2x... for DVDs correctly and not with CD 1x,2x speed
- file present in hash file but not found was not reported if it alphabetically followed
  a newly added file (=file not present in a hash file); this bug however did not affect 
  checkings that reported no warnings or errors.
- asks for synchronization every 30 days (as was intended already before)
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
- fixes wrong SHA1 and SHA256 hashes for files larger then 512Mb
- fixes ASPI manual mapping saving problem
- fixes Windows NT 4.0 automatic ASPI drive mapping
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
- fixed CD/DVD media info showing - some media present in the database has not been shown because of
  wrongly being treated as removed
- removing CD/DVD media info works correctly now
- rating colors for CD/DVD media are now shown properly
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
- Fixed inconsistent missing hash reporting (now missing hashes are reported only
  in directories where hash files are present and hashes should exist). For 
  other files a message is given.
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
+ added sound setting to Options
* beta expired message working correctly now
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
* cdcheck.ini from Windows directory is used if CDCheck is run from a network
- sound played on 1st error was incorrect
- error sorting reported an unexpected error if every item has not been at least once shown (initialized)
- report window volume names were current volume names instead of the volume names at the time of processing
- in Check setup dialog reporting options were ignored
- fixed problem with selecting drive by clicking on volume name
- DVD-ROM does not show "invalid parameter" in CD Info
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
* default sounds are now again set automatically at first run
* running licensed CDCheck from removable media creates no registry keys
* uninstall switch added for users of .zip versions of CDCheck
* improved media info file processing
- clean read was using random no. of bytes as "Clean read min. size", now the value in Options is used
------------------------------------ UPDATE RELEASE
- fix of some remaining problems with "Invalid page fault in module  at 0000:760e1470" or 0000:75f21470
+ added optional startup debuging for easier bug solving
* when opening options dialog the autodetected ASPI settings are kept the same
* errors are now not shown if invalid wnaspi32.dll is present
- removed burning strategy from manufacturer ID on -R/-RW DVDs
- fixed "Access violation at address 0045A3C4" (file focus checked too early) on first run
- fixed "Invalid page fault in module  at 0000:760e1470" or 0000:75f21470 (Windows original ASPI problem)
- during ASPI detection now all CD/DVD drives are listed and autodetected ASPI connections are now more reliable
------------------------------------ FINAL RELEASE
- fixed & character in status not showing correctly
+ added .crf file association when using setup installation
* added option to check readability only without using any hash files
- fixed bug in CDCheck ONLINE! synchronization causing some votes to be missed from synchronization
- fixed manufacturer ID bug in CDInfo with -R/RW DVDs
- Result windows is not shown anymore while process is still running
- fixed "silent" (internal errors that should be invisible) error messages showing
- changed the way of reporting critical errors, providing more meaningful information
- modified showing Help files from CDCheck
- fixed bug when recovering files with file size 0
- fixed bug when recovering directories with path longer than MAX_PATH
- fixed unexpected exception (threads ended work before being added to global thread list) 
- fixed bug wheh plugin setup clicked while no plugin selected
- fixed delayed error reporting (all errors were sometimes visible only after completing the process)
- fixed bug in advanced aspi settings
- fixed SPTI support detection bug
* translations added
+ added monthly synchronization reminder
+ CD Info supports DVD media information
* made a workaround for errors on CD-RW with empty directories when using DirectCD software
* installation does not overwrite minfo.ini
* When Device Access is set to AutoDetect, ASPI redetection occurs only when validation fails
* Drive mapping is done on startup -> on the second run should fallback to normal in case of a faulty ASPI driver
- fixed problems with adding CD manufacturers
- fixed problem when startup with command line parameters but CDCheck.ini was not present
- fixed a bug randomly causing exceptions (ErrorColThread error)
- fixed web script for media synchronization (media had old disc ID)
+ pressing ALT-RIGHT key in compare (when focus on source) copies the source to reference
+ note is issued when no hash file is found during checking
* default behaviour for .wav file is now not to ignore anything (during processing)
* modified bug reporting window
* improved bad antivirus plugin handling
* modified CD Info - if unknown CD it asks for information
* changed stat. value when no good reads (was: 100% now: -1)
- recovery now removes existing file even if it has readonly attribute
- error message appeared when no ASPI was found during autodetection
- fixed support detection for ASPI (function did not return any value)
- fixed bug in ASPI causing some drives not to be listed and used
- fixes "No translation for ..."
- fixes backup problems with media synchronization
* Media information feature fully functional with online updates
+ ASPI support (automatic drive mapping available for Win9x, Win2000, XP?)
+ Media information feature added (not yet fully functional)
* fixed compare bug when files are same except for extra bytes in first file (introduced in
- fixed wrong first difference offset
- ejection of CD after process completion caused an Access Violation on some computers
* ejecting is now done in thread => no more waiting for eject before showing result window
- fixed the function waiting for thread termination -> fixes "Access violation at address 0042277E" (was 42246E)
- fixed waiting for thread to end for full timeout period (causing delay when process was completed)
- different size selection for Result window which I hope will fix the issue with too small fonts
* added all hashes to custom hash file selection
- fixed "Invalid data buffer size for wave file!" when comparing (now it correctly ignores .wav files with extra information)
- fixed "Undefined error (code: 53)"
- fixed missing translation for message 1100
- fixed "Access violation at address 0042246E"
- fixed flashing of Options form if it is moved around and than cancel is pressed
- fixed timing issues when initializing processing and reading threads (fixes custom hash file issues)
- fixed the error history problem (errors were never removed from memory)
* when calculating similarity now also bytes different are reported
* Changes to bug report dialog (formatting)
* Note when hash created added
- fixed bug with reporting (showed only partial error report)
- fixed bug in report window causing exceptions quite often
- fixed compare bug (CDCheck did not show missing files)
- fixed .crf file loading
- Options dialog position saving
+ added warning when creating hash file with filenames containing non-local characters
* improved unexpected error reporting (for easier bug fixing)
* virus protection disabled if no plugin available
* virus protection routines are protected from affecting other code as much as possible
- fixed Context menus bug
- fixed bug when checking MD5 format
- fixed Options window position bug
+ File Tree pane and Browse window have full path visible in status bar
+ added two new features to Checking Setup
+ added support for some antivirus software
+ added command line support for checking
+ option to save window positions added
* updates to hash date handling
* by default SPTI access is enabled and check box works properly now
* ESC key works in About window
* added date as comment to .MD5 format
* changes in Result window
* help files updated
- Fixed bug in .MD5 format
- Result window is now in Courier New font
- averages are all present again
- fixed some other bugs
+ can report ISO incompatible long filenames/directories when creating hash file
+ supports many new hash algorithms and file formats .SFV and .MD5
+ supports filenames \\COMPUTER\SHARE (no visual support yet)
+ compare with similarity reports where the first difference is
+ check reports first reading error position
+ Audio CD support for Windows NT, 2000, XP (administrator privileges required)
+ CDCheck added to context menus of files, folders and drives for easier access
* process priority can be selected from a list
* faster recovery
* Volume names for CDs are retrieved in thread (=> much smoother startup if CD has just been inserted)
* Sounds settings in CDCheck replaced with Windows Sound Events
* special .wav file handling for easier comparing (hash or binary) with CD
- recovery keeps date, time and attributes
------------------------------------ FINAL RELEASE
+ added Korean translation
* when recovering file, directory date, time and attributes are preserved
- another large fonts update
- bugfixes for large fonts
- translation update
- resizing of CDCheck was changed again (now CDCheck is resized according to font size since there were still some problems)
- windows were updated so text does not get truncated
* font name and size are taken from [Control Panel]-[Display]-[Appearance][Message Box]
* changed cdcheck.ini key names for manually setting the font (see Help-FAQ for more information)
- fixed some large fonts problems
- minor fix for large fonts
- fixed CRC problem causing false errors (due to string compare working differently under different OSes) 
  => a bit slower CRC reading and requires more memory because CRC file has to be loaded into memory (by parts) and sorted
+ command line use returns error number
* critical errors are now counted under Errors (before under Other)
* Application should now resize according to PixelsPerInch number (meaning large fonts should be displayed properly)
- fixed some problems with command line use (program did not end if invalid CRC arguments were given)
- fixed problem with multiprocessor computers
- fixed Polish translation
* translations updated
- icons for files should be working now in Win95,98,ME
- eject should work correctly now
+ French and German translation added
+ Results window is now resizable (and size is saved)
+ added new shortcuts
* when browsing for file the selected file is now by default positioned in the middle
- fixed eject bug (present since ~
- CDCheck is again Win95 compatibility (incompatible since
+ some (7) translations added
* CRC file is now deleted after manual stop
- fixed problem when cdcheck.ini file was not accessible and options dialog was about to close
- fixed some issues with multi-language support (status, licenses)
- layout option is now saved normally again
- fixed some issues with multi-language support
+ playing sound on computers without sound card should now work correctly
+ added show results button
+ added print and save to result window
+ main window tree refreshes when switching back to it (from another application).
+ added option to recover only files missing in the output directory
* double click no longer closes the file browse window
* improved speed of system icons
* source and reference in result window are now aligned using spaces
* changed registration reminder (now once per month with better explanation)
- fixed AV when reference volume label was empty
- if you enter filename with space at the end it will be automatically trimmed (in case anybody had problems with this)
- fixed division by zero if process ended almost immediately after begining
- changes to allow multi-language support
- fixed saving of some text to cdcheck.ini which has nothing to do with options
- on multi processor computers CDCheck works automatically with one processor only 
  (trick to prevent errors since there are some threading issues on multiprocessor computers)
- copy button now again available on quick stats
- fixed refresh button problem
- fixed blocky icon look in Windows XP 
+ added reference directory to statistics
- fixed "Cannot make a visible window modal" message in some rare situations
- fixed problems with InCD when CD inserted was an RW
* CRC file now allows CRLF at the end of the file and between lines
- fixed bug causing sometimes incorrect recovery (files are recovered one folder lower than they should be)
- changed "idle priority" to be unchecked by default (because it causes slow processing when applications using spare CPU cycles like SETI@Home are running)
+ added popup menu to report window (copy selected filename, copy selected error)
* filesize<>read bytes now reports the bytes read and the file size
* improved auto compacting of error messages => improved .crf file loading and error reporting
* improved behaviour of report window (works faster)
- fixed circular buffer problem (incorrectly aligned starting address) which can cause reading to fail 
  with "Incorrect function parameter" under W2K,NT,XP (this seems to be very rare since nobody reported it yet)
- fixed problem of reporting filesize<>read bytes instead of error (due to buffer alignment problems)
- fixed problem when CRC Source directory was without \ at the end
- fixed copy problem when no errors were present
------------------------------------ FINAL RELEASE
* improved Report saving with use of auto compacting the error messages
* refresh of File Tree now refreshes volume names
- fixed some problem with multibyte source etc. paths
- fixed some small bugs in Error Manager
- fixed bug when copying statistics to clipboard (introduced in
- empty strings in Options are now correctly saved
- fixed eject
- fixed .csv saving (random character was added at the end)
- fixed copy results to clipboard in Unicode format (sometimes random characters were added at the end)
* added volume label and source path to Result Window
* changed source size in Result Window
* improved internal filename sorting with use of Shell Sorting
- fixed status (blue progress) when CDCheck completes
- fixed bug causing CPU usage when CDCheck was not doing anything
- fixed bug in recovery giving bad recovered files
- fixed bug with Unicode names and CRC file creation
+ added CTRL-SPACE shortcut to browse path when source etc. is focused in setup window
+ warning added when audio CDs are to be checked (CDCheck does not support it)
* set custom error message when unexpected exception happens
- fixed problem with memory buffer alignment causing faulty reading (memory must be aligned to sector size)
- fixed problem if in setup file was set to be compared against a directory
- fixed abnormal termination when closing during checking
* fixed problems with text truncation in status bar when width>1024 pixels (Windows bug?)
* in order to make multilanguage support easier to implement .crf file format has been modified
* report file extension changed to .crf because .cdf was already used by some other programs
- fixed problems when cdcheck.ini was readonly (CDCheck could not be closed)
- fixed bug from when deleted file was selected in File Tree
- warnings were shown only for some files present in CRC but not on disk 
- fixed bug when checking CRC files (incorrect file missing and extra file present)
- improved File Tree scrolling on slower devices (checking existance of files/directory is delayed and image retrieval should work a bit faster)
- File tree behaves better now (more like in Windows Explorer)
- some GUI changes
* improved scrolling in Treeview when no CDs are inserted
* default CRC directory now set by default to CDCheck\CRCFiles\
- filenames containing _ in Win95,98,Me are now shown with long names (were shown with short names in
- some minor gui fixes (adjustments for large fonts etc.)
- eject button now works correctly when keyboard is used to scroll
- fixed some memory leaking problems
- fixed CRC checking problems with some directories (because of incorrect path sorting)
- fixed processing bug in circular buffer causing unexpected termination
- fixed File Tree slow refresh problem
+ last directory used is saved in Main Window
* improved support for non-locale characters under Win95,98,ME
+ added recovery of files
+ added support for command line creation of CRC files
+ added default dir option for CRC files
* added support for long paths (up to 32000) under WinNT,2000,XP
- in case directory cannot be browsed error is now correctly reported
- main window was shown in the middle of virtual desktop instead of screen on multi-monitor setups
- fixed false similarity compare error reports when processing larger files (>10MB)
- fixed some problems in circular buffer that could cause reading to stop or raise exception under specific circumstances
- "Circular buffer size"<2*"Device read size" is now prevented (it can cause freezing of process)
- on the first run special built-in settings were used instead of default ones
+ added filter to custom CRC browse window
- custom CRC file now works correctly
+ system images can be used when browsing devices
+ result column widths are saved
- when selected file in File Tree did not exist folder containing it was closed and marked as without files
- if during exploring files in File Tree error occured it was not reported
+ process can now be terminated if stop button is pressed twice
+ sorting in report window
* changed order of text in application title
* any errors that occur during size calculation are reported
- access violation when processing large number of small files fixed
- calculate size option could not be turned off
- "On process done" sound bug fix
- empty volume names are not displayed anymore
+ extra checking added that bytes read from file equal file size
- under win95,98 mostly fake WIN32 error 50 was reported when first file was processed (consequence of incorrect read error bugfix in
- browse empty dir AV
- empty input (reference dir, CRC etc.) problems
* minor gui changes
- read errors not reported although file unreadable under win95,98
- Oleaut32.dll error when navigating File Tree or performing any action under win95,98
- shortcuts did not work in left position
- help button did not work in left position
- program closes with error when trying to create a CRC on read only drive


Copyright (C) 2003-2008, Mitja Perko (CDCheck homepage)