CDCheck Help
Help version 1.2    Author: Mitja Perko Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Click here to view the online help

Basic info:

  • Release notes: Important information about this version.
  • Product overview: Basic information about CDCheck
  • Purpose: When to use this program and why
  • Features: What this program can do for you
  • Order: Who should purchase this program and why
  • Version history: List of updates and bug fixes through versions
  • Updates, bugs, features: Where to get the latest version, how to report bugs, request new features
  • Translations: Who translated CDCheck, where to send translation comments, how to translate it
Using CDCheck:

Step by step tutorials:

  • 2.0 CD/DVD burning: How to properly use CDCheck when you want to burn a new CD/DVD.
  • 2.1 CD/DVD hash checking: How to check a CD/DVD burned following instructions in 2.0
Problems, FAQ, error codes:
  • 3.0 FAQ: Frequently asked questions (includes troubleshooting CDCheck)
  • 3.1 Error codes: Listing of CDCheck error codes with comments

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL THE AUTHOR, BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL OR CONSQUENTIAL DAMAGES (including but not limited to damages related to loss of data).
The CDCheck is provided on an "As Is" basis, without warranty of any kind. While CDCheck has been tested, it probably still has some bugs. Use of this software is entirely at your discretion.