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  • release: Should work properly and can be used in production environments. All bugs reported to date of release are fixed.
  • release candidate: Last stage before release. It is meant for eliminating any remaining bugs.
  • beta: For testing new features and bugfixes to existing ones. It can introduce new bugs and in worst case scenario even crash your system (although I will do my best to prevent this).
  • For personal usage CDCheck is FREE - read more on order page.
    If you are having any problems with CDCheck please read FAQ section of Help - troubleshooting.
    Unregistered program continues to function after 30 days but a nag screen is displayed at startup.

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    Distribution typeSizeDownload time (56kbps)Mirrors
    CDCheck final (stable) release installation (recommended)
    04.10.2008 Please read release notes before usage!
    1518 kB 3.60 min. /
    CDCheck release zip file (without installation)
    04.10.2008 Please read release notes before usage!
    1464 kB 3.47 min. /
    For list of changes see version history.
    Mirrors may need few days after release to update the files.

    Additional language files for CDCheck 3.1 (save it to CDCheck directory):
    Dutch (updated on: 29.08.2009)
    Brazilian Portuguese (updated on: 12.07.2019)

    Other things provided by users:
    Zipped Russian help file for CDCheck version and (from Igor Fedorenko):
    [original location (slow but updated by author)]    [local copy(fast)]

    Author accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage or loss caused by the software.
    send bug reports or suggestions using email or the form provided on the web.

    Last page update: 12.07.2019
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