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By purchasing a license you are stimulating further development and maintainance of CDCheck.

Additional benefit of purchasing a license: Per request you can get information on how to burn CDCheck on CD for immediate use from CD without any installation.

1. Personal users
If you think this software is useful and you can afford to buy a Personal license, please do that. This will help to cover development costs and you will be entitled to complete support for this product.

If you decide not to purchase a license, you should request Free license from CDCheck ONLINE! (you must register as CDCheck ONLINE! user, activate account, login to CDCheck ONLINE! repository and request free license).

2. Business users
This applies to for-profit business entities, governmental entities and educational institutions.

You may evaluate this software for 30 days. After this period you must register this software within 14 days by purchasing apropriate license. If you decide not to register it you must uninstall it within 14 days.

Upgrade policy
Minor upgrades (all versions 3.x.x.x) are free of charge. For major upgrades policy has not been established yet.

User can be interpreted either as single named person who can work with the software or as fixed single computer on which software is installed and used.

Purchase can be made through Kagi store or your local distributor:
(prices are located on the Kagi pages / distributers pages)

Secure online purchase through Kagi store >>
(purchase can be made using credit cards, PayPal, money order, check or money)

List of local distributors:

Hong Kong, Macao, China and Taiwan
Compuman Consultants Company
Unit 1, 11/F., Tower 1, Harbour Centre
1 Hok Cheung Street, Hunghom
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel.: (852) 2362-3398
Fax : (852) 2363-3900
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Last page update: 04.03.2012
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