Time logger for Jira

Time logger for Jira is time tracking JIRA addon which helps track time spent on Jira issues. It's a standalone Microsoft Windows desktop application which connects to Jira.

Main advantage is that addon automatically gets the issue you work with in your browser and allows you to easily track time used on the issue using start, pause and stop buttons. During tracking it detects idle time which is not possible when using addons integrated into Jira itself.

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Basic information about the application

Application was developed with the following goals in mind

The application is small borderless window sitting on top of all other windows on the border of the screen. It is showing the last issue you were (are) watching in your web browser. You can start, pause and stop tracking time for the issue currently displayed in the window. When you stop timing you can directly commit worklog to given Jira issue (with optional comment) or discard it.



Logger at work Logger window Minimal logger window Commiting worklog Idle time window


You can download Time Logger for Jira here: DOWNLOAD
By downloading this software you accept the following end user licence agreement (EULA).

Licencing and pricing:

Time logger for Jira is commercial software with a free fully functional 30 day trial. After 30 days you have to purchase a valid licence.

Licence prices are listed below.

1-10 users5EURBuy Now!
10+ users20EURBuy Now!

Licence is per named user and includes 12-month free upgrade.

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Setting up Time logger for Jira

Time logger for Jira settings

Download and run Time logger for Jira setup. When install is complete it will be automatically registered to run at startup.

At first run you have to enter basic information about your Jira server:

You can also choose what is the default time for software to treat you as being away and choose from two skins (one normal height and one minimal height).

Jira settings (version 6.x and below)

For Time logger for Jira to work in Jira 6.x and below, access via API must be enabled in Jira. Please make sure that "Accept remote API calls" is enabled in Jira administration dashboard (see picture below).


For any questions and support issues please e-mail to jtl@kvipu.com

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