CDCheck Help
Help version 1.2    Author: Mitja Perko Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Click here to view the online help
General information

Some things you should be aware of when using CDCheck
- autorun feature is disabled while CDCheck application is focused (if you do not like this email me why and I will make it optional)
- CD tray is automatically closed if necessary when process is started
- due to high speed access CDCheck can cause your system to hang (crash) if your computer is not functioning properly
- you can prevent mismatches due to Audio extraction offset by selecting option to ignore leading and trailing zero samples (see Options)
- under Win95,98,ME files/directories containing non-locale characters are displayed with short file/directory name
- some people have experienced error "A device attached to the system is not functioning." when checking Video CD although the CD seemed to be OK
- "CD Info" and audio CD support requires a working ASPI driver or SPTI access
- "CD Info" works on CD/DVD recorders only (normal drives cannot provide this information)
- if you have resident virus scanner installed and working you do not need an antivirus plugin - when running CDCheck from a network CDCheck.ini is created and maintained in Windows directory (instead of in CDCheck directory)

Known limitations
- only ansi strings can be used to specify starting directory for checking etc.
- under Win95,98,ME when file/directory A containing non-locale characters has the same long name as file/directory B without non-locale characters then A incorrectly behaves as B (this is extremly rare condition)
- wrong junction (Windows variant of Linux symbolic link) can produce endless loop (many programs share this problem - average user will not come across this)

- when you are changing path in "Hash", "Check" etc. shortcut CTRL-SPACE can be used to popup the browsing window
- for ease of use most of the dialogs that popup up can be confirmed using ENTER key and canceled using ESC key
- in some cases multiple directories/files can be specified by enclosing them in double quotes and separate them with character ';'


Copyright (C) 2003-2008, Mitja Perko (CDCheck homepage)