CDCheck Help
Help version 1.2    Author: Mitja Perko Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Click here to view the online help

Standard windows shortcuts
If you see underlined letter 'x' in a text of control this means you can press ALT-x to go directly to that control and/or select it.
In multiple selection control (combo box) you can use UP and DOWN arrow to go throught items without dropping down the list of items. To drop down the list of items you can press ALT-DOWN.
Checkable items can be checked using SPACE.

CDCheck specific shortcuts

[All Windows]:
Enter: Continue
ESC: Cancel
CTRL-Space: Browse for file (in file edit control)

[Main window]:
CTRL-P: pause
CTRL-S: stop
ALT-C: Check
ALT-O: Compare
ALT-V: Recover
ALT-A: About
ALT-P: Options
F5: Refresh File Tree
F1: Help
F11: CD/DVD Info
F12: Eject/Load
CTRL-R: Show statistics
CTRL-T: Copy statistics
CTRL-Q: Copy results to clipboard
CTRL-W: Load results from file
CTRL-E: Save results to file

[Results Window]:
CTRL-P: Print
CTRL-S: Save to file
CTRL-SHIFT-C: Copy to clipboard


Copyright (C) 2003-2008, Mitja Perko (CDCheck homepage)