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Anti virus protection

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Anti virus support
CDCheck has anti virus support. To use it you must have an antivirus software installed and correct plugin for the software (see: "How to set it up?" below). Then you can use it when checking or creating hash files by ticking the apropriate check boxes.

How to set it up?
Anti virus support is provided through use of third party plugins. Namely Ritlabs company. They have created the plugins for use in mailer The Bat! and have been nice enough to let me use them. Plugins are not distributed with CDCheck. You have to go to their ftp site: and download the apropriate plugin. Then go to "Options"-"Virus Scanning" and select the file you downloaded. If file is working correctly you should see status display "Plugin is valid and working successfully!".

I cannot provide any support for plugins since they are not mine. If you are having any problems try checking out the FAQ or mailing list archives for The Bat!.

If you have a resident virus scanner installed and enabled that scans for viruses on "file open" or "file read" there is no need to use an antivirus plugin (this is installed by default in almost any antivirus software package). Files will be automatically scanned without installing anything. You can test your software by saving virus test file (not a real virus but a file all antivirus software should recognize as test virus) from and check that directory using CDCheck. Your antivirus software should report that it has found a virus.


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