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CD/DVD hash checking - step by step

Problem definition
You want to use CDCheck to:
- verify files are not corrupted in any way on CD/DVD prepared by following "CD/DVD Burning - step by step" instructions [Step 1,2]
In the tutorial the following locations will be used as an example:
Your drive with CD/DVD media is "E:\".

Step by step

  1. Run CDCheck

  2. Click "Check" at the top
    1. Enter as source "E:\", location of your CD/DVD prepared by "CD/DVD Burning - step by step"
    2. Click "Continue" and the files will be checked
    3. After the Checking ends CDCheck should say "No errors were detected" if all information on CD/DVD is normally readable.
    4. Click "Continue" to close the window.


Copyright (C) 2003-2008, Mitja Perko (CDCheck homepage)