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Error codes

Explanation of the information provided by the (error) message

A) Kind
- error: means there is a problem with the file you are processing
- warning: informs you of potential problem
- note: informs you that for example a hash file was found or provides other information about the process or file
- critical: this is issued when the process had to be aborted because of the error that occured

B) Type
- win32: this means the Message is exact message and error code as returned from Windows OS (by a function used by CDCheck)
- hash: the message is specific to hash
- compare: the message is specific to compare
- recovery: the message is specific to recovery
- process: the message is related to the process
- read: the message is related to the reading of the files

C) File
This tells you the name of the file involved with the message

D) Message
This contains the actual information (error explanation...)

Listing of CDCheck error codes
For the win32 error codes see the Microsoft official listing at:;EN-US;q155011.

0=No source selected!
1=No. of directories/files in source and reference is different!
2=File/directory in setup window not found!
3=Process aborted!
5=Hash output file could not be created!
6=Output directory must not be empty!
7=Output directory invalid!
8=Directory to recover is a subdirectory in output directory. Directory skipped to prevent cyclic recovery!
9=Audio CDs are not supported by CDCheck!
11=Source and reference must be of the same type (both file or both directory)!
20=file size (%s) <> bytes read (%s) => file was most likely changed during processing
21= Read pos. [B]: %s.
40=Hash value not present in any hash file!!
41=Hash file not valid - switching to automatic detection
42=Hash file detected
43=Hash file reading error - no further Hashes will be read
44=Directory present in hash file not found
45=File present in %s not found (%s hash: %s)!!
46=%s hash check failed (current: %s saved: %s hash file: %s)
47=Invalid hash: %s (hash file: %s)
48=File is incompliant with selected ISO standard (Level 1, Level 2 or Joliet)
49=Hash output file has been overwritten
50=Hash file creation failed!
51=The md5 file contains at least one ASCII generated sum (which is not supported by CDCheck)
52=Filename contains characters not available in current locale! To allow normal hashing and checking use .CRC file format.
53=Hash file created
54=Processing tested only file readability because no hash file(s) were found
60=src file/directory missing
61=ref file/directory missing
62=content mismatch
90=Sector unreadable
91=Sector timeout
92=Sector statistical correctness below 100%
93=Sector was not totally readable
94=Error occured during writing output file. Process paused!

Type SCSI error codes
For errors which look like this: "Type: SCSI; Message: status: 02 Sense: 03 02 00 CDB[0]: 0xBE" you can get additional information here:
MultiMedia Command Set - 5 (MMC-5) available from Technical Comittee T10
Look at Annex F - Error Lists. Sense information above "Sense: 03 02 00" means Sense Key=03, ASC=02 and ASCQ=00. Find it and there is a short description of the error.
Be warned however that the document MMC is very technical.

Comments to error codes
Error code Additional information
0 You have have not selected any source in the setup window.
1 You have selected different number of directories/files in source and reference in the setup window. CDCheck cannot determine which to compare with which.
3 Process was aborted due to some critical error.
5 Verify that you have write permissions and that the file is not locked on the location where the file was to be created. For more information look at the previous error message describing the problem.
21 (win32) The device is not ready.
This means the device is not ready - either the device (CD-ROM,DVD-ROM) is empty (without an inserted media) or media is so damaged that it cannot be read by the operating system.
23 (win32) Data error (cyclic redundancy check)
This means that device built-in error detection procedures established that data was not read correctly. This usually means that data is damaged and could not be repaired successfully.
51 CDCheck currently does not support ascii MD5 hashes (.md5 file format).
Ascii MD5 hash is a special form of hash where some characters are transformed before calculation of the hash. The file used for checking files included at least one such hash.
54 (hash) For at least one file only file readability was tested because no valid hash file was found
Check process does two things:
a) Checks file/folder readability,
b) verifies the files against hash values.
The note tells you that only operation a) was performed.
62 This means that when comparing the file on source and the file on reference the files were different.
Why this happens after burning - see faq question 6.
If you do not find an explanation here or the explanation is not good enough mail me and I will try to answer your question and expand the information provided here.


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