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happy woman receiving car keyIn this article I will present decisions you have to make when buying a car. This includes consumption, equipment, running costs etc. Because there is a lot of things relevant when buying a vehicle there is currently no single website which would have everything covered. So I give you the best thing I can and that is a list of websites which cover pretty much everything and give multiple perspectives on the same car.

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If you are here, you probably already know, why pole for GoPro is useful, right? First I will go through some good DIY videos, so you can try and make it yourself. Then I will give an overview of what exists on the market and what are the differences between different poles. We will also dive into poles appropriate for use in the water and for scuba diving.


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Contact grill review imageIn this article I am going to review contact grills and provide a buying guide of what to look for in a contact grill and what makes one contact grill better than the other. We will go through all the functions that are available and what use do they have and then provide a review of twelve more known contact grills.

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